RATSHOT Rodenticide Bait Blocks


Ready to use rat or mouse bait blocks. Available in 250gm packs, 800gm, 2kg and 8kg buckets

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RATSHOT RODENTICIDE BAIT BLOCKS are ready to use bait for either indoor or outdoor use in the Topbait Mouse Bait Station or Topbait Rat Bait Station.

They are used for the control of Brown or Norway Rats (Rattus norvegius) and
Mice in damp or dry situations, in and around Domestic, Commercial or
Agricultural buildings.

The blocks contain Denatonium Benzoate as a bittering agent to prevent
accidental human consumption.

Inbuilt Mould & Fungi Inhibitors, allows use in DAMP/DRY, HOT/COLD conditions

RATSHOT Rodenticide Bait Blocks have a much lower toxicity when compared to
other 2nd generation anti-coagulants.

  • 5x less toxic than Bromadiolone
  • 200x less toxic than Brodifacoum
  • 2.5x less toxic than Warfarin
  • LESS TOXIC to pets and birds

The active constituent is 0.05 g/Kg DIFENACOUM
APVMA Approval No.:68762/105164

General Instructions
RATSHOT Rodenticide Bait Blocks are a palatable all-purpose rodenticide formulation based on the advanced anti-coagulant, Difenacoum, which is effective on both rats and mice including strains resistant to some other anti-coagulants.

In some circumstances, more than one feed may be required to produce mortality
that generally occurs 4~10 days after consuming the bait.

RATSHOT Rodenticide Bait Blocks are especially suited for use outdoors and in damp situations and are ideal for burrow baiting.

The central hole in the block allows for secure fitment, especially in the Topbait Rat Bait Station, and for nailing or wiring in place to prevent block carriage by

Additional information

Weight 0.274 kg
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 3 cm
Rodent Bait Blocks

250gm Rodenticide Bait, 800gm Rodenticide Bait, 2kg Rodenticide Bait, 8kg Rodenticide Bait


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