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Why choose Topbait Plus? Topbait™ Plus is a bait for the control of Small Hive Beetles in beehives when the gel bait is placed inside an APIS Small Hive Beetle Trap where the bees have no access. Topbait Plus 35g single syringe is a perfect size that can be stored in your kitchen drawers and is easy to apply. Topbait™ Plus is also a crevice, crack or spot treatment for the control of cockroaches in commercial and residential premises.
  • Easy to use
  • No Mess
  • Cost Effective
Small Hive Beetles The Small Hive Beetle lives in beehives and pupates within the soil around your beehive when conditions are right, i.e. higher temperatures and plenty of rainfall. This is particularly evident in Victoria, where the Small Hive Beetle issue is fairly new. A few beetles can generate large numbers over time and conditions. It is this reason beekeeping as we know it has changed forever. Weekly lid inspections to check your beetle traps and bait is crucial. Clean any propolised slots and clear baseboards if used. How does it work? Used in conjunction with an approved APIS Small Hive Beetle trap, the gel bait entices the Small Hive Beetles into the trap via small slots to feed and become trapped inside. Cockroaches will often start to feed on Topbait™ Plus bait within minutes of an application and will then die within a few hours. How to use Topbait Plus For Small Hive Beetle control –  Place 1 gram of bait is into the well in the centre of the trap. Close the trap ensuring the side pins and the locking bar are clicked into position, this will ensure the trap is securely closed. For cockroach control – Apply the gel bait around the home: underside of shelves, behind the fridge and microwave, gaps between cupboards, cracks, crevices and edges.

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