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Welcome to Australia's specialist manufacturer of premium and propriety protected specialist Termite and other pest detection and eradication systems.

The Australian Pharmaceuticals and Veterinary Medicines Authority have approved our products for public use.

The range of products offered by Pest Control Direct is now available to you as a DIY user and have been designed to be:

  1. Termite and water proof (excluding Demise)
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. Cost Effective
  4. Durable
  5. Easy to install

The products are developed for control of termites (white-ants), cockroaches, underground water and the bee hive beetle.
They are environmentally sound, simple to install and guaranteed effective when used according to instructions.
Please only use these products as directed, feel free to contact us for any further advice or assistance.

Click on the images below to link to the product information page for these products.

termseal aqua block products

Aqua Block termite-proof barrier

topbait cockroach gel

Topbait Gel cockroach bait

apis small hive beetle trap

Apis Small Hive Beetle Trap