Termite Products

Our range of DIY Termite Products has been designed and manufactured in Australia by our onsite entomologist!

TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus products help you protect your home from termites, aka white ants. TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus range consists of water and termite proofing compound, sealants and primer. Easy to use, paint on coverings for concrete and timber, especially those parts which will end up under normal ground level after backfilling or site remediation.

DEMISE™ Termite Management Systems are DIY termite baiting products that have been specially designed to help you detect and eliminate termites. We stock a range of DIY termite kits, In-ground bait stations that are just the right size, bait woodblock (supplied in a box of 20 blocks) made from Eucalyptus Regnans and an extremely palatable bait that the termites feast on and then return to the colony where the whole colony is eliminated.

The ourHOME Perimeter Retreatment System has been researched and developed in Australia using locally available components together with our technology and expertise and is designed to be used as a homeowner installed building perimeter re-treatment system.

Please note that these products should not be used on active building sites where certification for completion/occupancy is required.

Please contact Termseal Australia (on 1300 657 822 or www.termseal.com.au ) for your nearest Accredited Installer’s contact details so Installation can be undertaken with Appropriate Certification.