Mouse & Rat Products

Are you ready to control rodents?

Our specifically designed traps and ready to use bait are ideal for the control of rats and mice! The bait sits perfectly inside the Topbait Mouse Bait Station or Topbait Rat Bait Station making it near impossible to be carried outside the station. The bait station is also designed to keep pets safe from eating the bait.

Difenacoum and Brodifacoum – What’s the Difference?

Like no other anticoagulant bait RATSHOT Rodenticide with Difenacoum is different by targeting both Rats & Mice much more specifically with relatively small amounts of bait to kill.
RATSHOT Rodenticide is highly effective on Mice & Rats but equally important, lower in toxicity to Non-Target animals compared to other Rodenticides making it the product of choice in sensitive baiting areas around Children, Pets, Birds, Wild life & Live Stock in Commercial, Agriculture and domestic situations.

RATSHOT employs the active ingredient Difenacoum, delivering significant advantages to customers in a number of ways.

  1. Most Rat & Mouse specific Anticoagulant Rodenticide
  2. Relatively low amounts of bait to Kill Rats & Mice
  3. Now the product of choice for customers who need effective control with reduced Risk
  4. Science-based formulation, All-weather Blocks and Grain Bait (Always read the approved label)

RATSHOT Rapidkill Blocks and RATSHOT G Quick Shot Grain Bait employ the explosive power of Brodifacoum making them ONE-FEED Killers and super effective for high rodent populations.

  1. Most powerful active available,
  2. Genuine ONE-FEED killing power of both Rats and Mice
  3. Science based formulation, All-weather Rapidkill Blocks
  4. Ratshot G Quick Shot uses QUALITY AUSTRALIAN WHEAT, a staple of many RATS & MICE around Australia and is a preferred food source in many situations

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