Fly & Insects

Insect Pest Management:
Insects cause billions of dollars in contamination and damage to food and produce for human consumption. Moths, beetles of various species, cockroaches and flies impact commercial food production as well as stored product.

In addition, some insect species spread disease, damage natural fibres and clothing, destroy wooden buildings and inflict bites and stings and so on.

Insect’s impact 10% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Industrialised Nations and at times, up to 25% of the GDP of developing nations. From a business perspective, Australian food producers need to protect food retail, production and storage to ensure an efficient outcome, reduced spoilage and contamination. Companies must avoid insects’ impact to product integrity, customer complaints and ultimately costly product recalls.

Fly and Insect Control

Pest management does not necessarily mean eradication of a pest but rather preventing pest numbers from building up to a point at which they become a problem, this is where the BRC range of products from Pest Control Direct come into the picture.

The BRC range of insect and fly traps are suited to a number of environments, including the harshest kitchen, commercial and industrial situations. All BRC products comply with HACCP recommendations.

Whether electric or glueboard based, the insect traps offer the most reliable solution against flying insects, at a low operating cost. In fact, their effectiveness is based on the strong attraction of insects to the UVA fluorescent lamps.

Their non-polluting properties and chemical and odour free features make them environmentally friendly, sustainable, economical and durable.

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