APIS Beekeepers Protection Pack – Hive Beetles

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1 x TopBait Plus 35g tube with 4 x Traps

A perfect solution for the Beekeepers of Australia.


Situation: Domestic, Commercial and Public Service Buildings
Targeted Pest: Small Hive Beetle, German and other common cockroaches
Rate: For Small Hive Beetle place 1 gram of Topbait ™ Plus into a trap. For Cockroaches apply 1-3 spots per sq. m. Recommended spot size is 0.03-0.06g. Increase the number of spots (up to 3) and spot size depending upon severity of infestation and species present.
Critical Comments: Routinely clean and move Traps around the hive. Gel placement should be at or near areas where cockroaches gather, such as in cracks or crevices.

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