Bug Zapper FlyInBox 40

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Available in Stainless Steel with Blue Trim.


The Bug Zapper FlyInBox 40 works very efficiently due to the 360° radius light feature. Ideal for food outlets cafeterias, coffee shops, bars etc. The ideal light for home or business due to its easy plug & play handling.

The perfect product for Bee Keepers to use in the Honey Shed to combat Wax Moth attack.


  • Mounting: 2 metres above ground level for wall mounting.
  • Replacement: Lamps should be replaced annually.
  • Controls: Flying insects including flies, mosquitoes, midges, wasps, moths, horseflies, etc


Wax Moths are a natural part of the environment. They are attracted to beehives by the scent. Beeswax, honey, pollen and other hive odours lure the moths inside. Wax Moths can do extensive damage to the hives.

1. Maintain healthy, strong colonies to promote high bee-to-comb ratio
2. Clean varroa mite detector boards and beetle traps on a regular basis
3. Trap and destroy adult wax moths in the honey house using the Bug Zapper FlyInBox 40
4. Do not leave supers of drawn comb in unoccupied beehives


The Bug Zapper FlyInBox 40 must only be used in areas which are free of dust and possible explosive vapour mixture. The Bug Zapper FlyInBox 40 is only suitable for indoor use and is not suitable for use in Barns, Stables or similar locations. Your Bug Zapper FlyInBox 40 should be ideally fixed at least 2 metres above the ground, preferably in the darkest place in the area to be protected, away from windows and skylights thus avoiding any competition with natural light. The unit can be sat on a flat surface, wall mounted or hung from the ceiling using a small chain

In large open areas where 2 or more units are required, siting needs to be in a central location to ensure maximum protection. The FlyInBox 40 will control pests in an area of approximately 120 sq mtrs. The unit is shipped with a grey protective film to protect the stainless steel body,  this can be easily removed.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 31 × 14 cm


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