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The Insect Light Trap MGL40 is a reliable solution against flying insects!

A modern yet powerful fly trap combines European Styling with energy efficient 8000 hr bulb technology. This unit is ideal for commercial kitchens, food service and production facilities and offices as well as industrial, health and education sectors. Available in Stainless Steel only.


  • Keep away from light sources
  • Mounting: Mount at a height of 1.80 to 2.20 metres off the ground between the areas to be protected and insect entry points
  • Servicing: Lamps should be replaced once a year, and glueboards should be replaced every month
  • Controls: flies, mosquitoes, midges, etc
  • Replacement: Lamps and glueboards available in our shop


The Insect Light Trap MGL40 must only be used in areas which are free of dust and possible explosive vapour mixture. It is only suitable for indoor use and is not suitable for use in areas such as barns, stables or similar locations.


1. Open the product to access the wall support.

2. Fix unit to the wall via the 4 holes in the back of the unit.

3. Remove the protective film from the glueboard and slide in from the side.

4. The Stainless Steel body is shipped with a grey protective film, this can be easily removed.

Your MGL40 Unit should be ideally fixed at least 2 metres above the ground, preferably in the darkest place in the area to be protected, away from windows and skylights thus avoiding any competition with natural light.

In large open areas where 2 or more units are required, siting needs to be assessed to ensure maximum protection.

The MGL40 will control pests in an area of approximately 120 sq mtrs.

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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 53 × 30 × 8 cm


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