RATSHOT RapidKill Rodenticide Blocks


Ready to use rat or mouse bait blocks. Available in 250gm packs and 800gm, 2kg and 8kg buckets

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RATSHOT Rapidkill Rodenticide Blocks are ready to use block bait for use in damp or dry conditions in and around Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural buildings for the control of Rats and Mice.

Ideal for use in the Topbait Mouse Bait Station or the Topbait Rat Bait Station.

One Feed KILLS
RATSHOT Rapidkill Rodenticide Blocks utilise Fresh human-grade ingredients and
are protein boosted. The blocks contain Denatonium Benzoate as a bittering
agent to prevent accidental human consumption.

  • Effective on both Rats and Mice
  • Includes Mould & Fungi Inhibitors which allows use in
  • DAMP/DRY, HOT/COLD conditions.
  • Blended with edible wax’s for durability

The Active Ingredient: 0.05g/Kg Brodifacoum
APVMA Approval No. 69209/105162

General Instructions
Keep away from food and water and surfaces that come into contact with food
and water.

Eliminate as far as practicable all other food sources. Place baits under cover or
in a Topbait Rat Bait Station, inspect daily and replace any eaten baits.

Continue observation and replenish until no more baits are taken and ensure the
removal of the baits/stations when rodent activity has ceased.

Baiting for at least 2 weeks is necessary to reduce the rat/mouse numbers.

The use of this product for the control of protected native rodents requires
permission from wildlife authorities.

Additional information

Weight 0.274 kg
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 3 cm
Rapidkill Bait Blocks

250gm Bait Blocks, 2kg Bait Blocks, 800gm Bait Blocks, 8kg Bait Blocks


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