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TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus Sealant is ideal for gaps, cracks, joints, and fissures also ideal for fixing masonry piers to metal ant capping. Applied to masonry, concrete or brickwork and on curing this product forms a dual purpose, flexible and durable water and termite proofing barrier.

TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus Sealant can be used to bridge gaps under ant caps and fix metal ant caps to piers.

Please follow the Directions for Use on the product label.

Application Instructions:
Surfaces must be sound and free from any dry or loose material. Waxes mould releases or other contaminants which may affect adhesion should be removed before application. The adhesion of this product should be checked prior to job commencement.

Moulds, lichens or fungal growth should be treated with a suitable algaecide or a dilute household bleach solution (1 part bleach: 2 parts water) to kill any spores,
leave for 10 minutes then rinse liberally with water and allow to dry completely before application.

Priming: Porous, Friable or dusty surfaces should generally be primed with TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Primer according to the label directions.

Tiling: TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus Sealant is suitable for use with a wide range of water based cementicious and acrylic like adhesives. Avoid the use of solvent-based adhesives as these may soften the sealant. Ensure the sealant is fully cured prior to the application of tiles.

Note: Subterranean termites are on occasion capable of bridging termite barriers and therefore regular inspections, as detailed in Australian Standard AS 3660.2, will significantly increase the probability of detection of termite activity before any damage or costly repairs are required.

APVMA No: 80186/100370

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Termite Sealant

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