ABIDE™ Termite Bait

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ABIDE™ Termite Bait is a specifically formulated and highly palatable termite
consumable control agent. Developed in Australia and when the feeding termites
take ABIDE™ back to the colony the entire colony is eliminated.

ABIDE™ Termite Bait is a component of the DEMISE™ DIY Termite Detection & Elimination Kit

DEMISE Termite Kit
Termite Eating ABIDE Termite Bait

For complete instructions on installation and monitoring of the baiting system
please go to https://pestcontroldirect.com.au/shop/product/the-demise-kit/

Termite Management
To minimize the risk of termite infestation, the subfloor area of buildings should
be kept free of any stored product that contains cellulose and any other building
materials that attract termites.

Appropriate actions should also be taken to eliminate any undue dampness
caused by leaking water or sewerage pipes, or inadequate drainage.

Service Requirement
Regular, competent inspections by a licensed Pest Manager are recommended as
part of an overall termite management program to determine the prevailing
termite pressure and environmental conditions and the consequent requirement
for further termite management options.

Inspections should be performed at least on an annual basis, but more frequent
inspections are strongly recommended.

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