TERM-seal™ Reinforcing Strip

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Pack Contains: 100 mm x 10m Strip

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The TERM-seal™ Reinforcing Strip is a fibrous reinforcement specifically designed for supporting and bridging gaps, cracks, joints and fissures.

Ideal for use with TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus Sealant and TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus.

Application Instructions:
When being used for Construction Joints, when the TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Primer and the first coat of TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus has been applied, roll in the TERM-seal™ Reinforcing Strip into the still wet TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus ensuring all the air pockets are removed. Another thick coat of TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus should then be applied as per the TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus Application Information.

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Dimensions 28 × 16 × 3 cm


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