TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus Termite Barrier & Waterproofing Compound



TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus is a DIY, dual-purpose water and termite proofing compound for use on masonry, fibrous panelling, brick or concrete that’s Eco-Friendly. TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus is a highly engineered acrylic polymer-based liquid that cures to form a seamless, flexible, termite resistant and waterproof membrane. Containing the active control agent Bifenthrin, proven to kill and repel termites, this product can be applied by brush or roller and is available in 10L and 4L pails. It is a unique coating for concrete and timber, especially those parts which will end up under the normal ground level after backfilling or site remediation. Termites, aka white ants, always seek invisible ways into structures if possible so all joints, expansion gaps, even cracks in foundations may provide unseen access. Seal your building before backfilling to ensure long-term proofing against termite ingress and infestations. Note: Subterranean termites are on occasion capable of bridging termite barriers and therefore regular inspections, as detailed in Australian Standard AS 3660.2, will significantly increase the probability of detection of termite activity before any damage or costly repairs are required. Please follow the Directions for Use on the product label. Application Information: Slab Edge: Ensure the slab edge is cleaned, free of dust and dirt and primed, with TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Primer, before treatment. Apply a continuous coat of TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus and when dry apply a second coat to a minimum thickness of 1.3mm. Construction Joints: Thoroughly clean the concrete surface, removing all dust and dirt, 60mm on either side of the joint. Apply a coat of TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Primer and then a thick continuous coat of TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus along the joint. Roll in TERM-seal™ Reinforcing Band ensuring all air pockets are removed and then apply another thick coat of TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus. Once the topcoat has set, a third coat should be applied. General Wall, Concrete and Masonry Applications: When applying TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus as a barrier to walls, masonry or concrete, all surfaces must be cleaned and primed with TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Primer. In these situations, the TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus must be a minimum width of 50mm. Backfilled Walls: In situations where hydrostatic water pressure may exist, all joints must have an application thickness of no less than 4mm. The treated wall must be covered with corflute or a protective cover to prevent penetration by debris. Allow at least 48 hours for the TERM-seal™ Aqua Block Plus to cure before returning soil to the wall area. Estimated Coverage: For a 10 litre bucket, 4 square metres dependant on application thickness and the number of coats. APVMA No: 80607/10126 2

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 19 × 21 × 19 cm
Aqua Block Plus

10L, 4L


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