ourHOME Termite Perimeter Retreatment System

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A homeowner installed termite perimeter retreatment system for installation at an existing dwelling.

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The ourHOME Termite Perimeter Retreatment System has been developed by TERMSEAL AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD as a perimeter re-treatment system for installation to an existing dwelling.

This System has been researched and developed in Australia using locally available components together with our technology and expertise and is designed to be used as a homeowner installed building perimeter re-treatment system.

It has been developed to make re-injection times as short as possible by having emitter valves very close together which also means there is minimal chance of any treated soil gaps between the emitters.


This system once installed needs to be charged with an approved termiticide. This can only be done by a licensed Pest Control Technician.

The ourHOME Termite Perimeter Retreatment System is supplied as a Kit with 100mtrs of system pipe and enough components to suit most jobs.

With the maximum 30 metre length allowed, you have enough system pipe and components to complete three (3) runs.

The Kit is supplied with the following:

1             100mtr roll of System Pipe
5             DB End Plugs
5             DB Joiners
20           DB Elbows
40           Ratchet Clamps #17
3             Complete Standpipe Fittings (each with a tie-on label)
2             Valve Boxes & Lid
1             Pipe Cutter
1             Installation Manual

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Weight 8.2 kg
Dimensions 58 × 71 × 72 cm


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