DEMISE™ DIY Termite Detection & Elimination Kit


Take termite detection and elimination into your own hands! Our DIY termite kit contains everything you need to assist with the protection of your home from termites! Our kit’s contents are also available to be purchased individually.

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DEMISE™ DIY Termite Detection and Elimination Kits are now available in a size to suit your requirements. 

Our DIY Termite Kits are an in-ground baiting system for termites that provides long term continuous protection. They have been specially developed by Australian scientists and manufactured by TERMSEAL AUSTRALIA to suit Australian conditions.

We have spent a considerable amount of time and resources to eliminate the problems encountered from baiting systems over the years and our DIY Termite Kits are the end result. 

Most home termite protection products attract and catch the termites, whereas the  DEMISE™ DIY Termite Kits eliminates termites and wipes out the colony.

DEMISE™ DIY Termite Detection and Elimination Kit – LARGE contents include:

  • 10 x DEMISE™ In-Ground Bait Stations
  • 4 x 100g bags of ABIDE™ Termite Bait
  • 10 x 50g bags of DEMISE™ CONVERGE™ Termite Activity Accelerant
  • 20 x DEMISE™ Bait Wood Blocks

DEMISE™ DIY Termite Detection and Elimination Kit – SMALL contents include:

  • 5 x DEMISE™ In-Ground Bait Stations
  • 2 x 100g Bags of ABIDE™ Termite Bait
  • 5 x 50g Bags DEMISE™ CONVERGE™ Termite Activity Accelerant
  • 10 x DEMISE™ Bait Wood Blocks

What is a Termite Bait Station?
Bait stations, incorrectly called Termite Trap*, are in-ground termite monitoring system specially designed to lure, detect and intercept destructive species of termite. The system uses a number of “baited” enclosures (bait station), which are positioned in termite-prone locations in and around the home and out-buildings. A feeding accelerant, CONVERGE™ Termite Activity Accelerant, is initially placed in the bait station and once feeding is detected the ABIDE™ Termite Bait is added to the station. The bait is transferred back to the central nest by the Termites during the mutual feeding process. Stations need to be monitored regularly for termite activity.

* They don’t actually trap termites. These “Termite Traps” contain a bait that is poisonous to termites and as the worker termites crawl around near the colony in search of food sources, they are attracted to the bait and eat it.

ABIDE Termite Bait
Termite Bait Station

How to install your DIY Termite Kit
While some areas around the houses are considered more termite-prone than others, termites have the ability to show up almost anywhere! We recommend bait stations containing ABIDE™ Termite Bait be positioned directly onto areas of known activity. Termites are naturally drawn to moist, humid conditions. So bearing this in mind, anywhere excess water run-off and/or soil-to-wood contact occurs should be considered when installing the stations.

Step 1 – Plan and mark out where the DEMISE™ In-Ground Bait Stations are to be installed. This is normally at 3-5 metre intervals around the home. 

Check areas of vulnerability such as piles of wood, tree stumps, and wooden fences etc

Step 2 – Using a post hole digger, round nose shovel, or an auger bit, dig a hole 130mm wide x 200mm deep. With gloved hands, open the station and remove the bag of DEMISE™ CONVERGE™ Termite Activity Accelerant along with the station locking key.

Insert the DEMISE™ In-Ground Bait Station into the hole with the DEMISE™ Bait Wood Blocks included and backfill soil around the station if required.

Step 3 – Open the DEMISE™ CONVERGE™ Termite Activity Accelerant bag and to it, add 100ml-200ml of bottled water. With gloved hands mix into a paste, DO NOT use chlorinated or tap water to prevent contamination. 

Push the paste into the DEMISE™ In-Ground Bait Station around the DEMISE™ Bait Wood Blocks. Fit the lid to the bait station and lock it closed, using the supplied key.

Step 4 – Monitor the DEMISE™ In-Ground Bait Stations initially at 8-12 week intervals. Once you see termite activity inside the DEMISE™ In-Ground Bait Stations, add the ABIDE™ Termite Bait.

With gloved hands, mix the ABIDE™ Termite Bait, with bottled water into a paste and add directly into the DEMISE™ In-Ground Bait Stations. Inspect at 7-14 day intervals.

Replenish the ABIDE™ Termite Bait as required, until the termite feeding activity has ceased.

Step 5 – Once feeding has ceased and no activity is detected, the DEMISE™ In-Ground Bait Stations should be removed from the ground, cleaned, new DEMISE™ Bait Wood Blocks added, and replaced in the ground so the monitoring process can begin again.

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