Spring into cockroach control!

The weather is beginning to warm up! We all start to feel that sudden burst of energy to give our homes a well-needed spring clean! You can hear the birds chirping, butterflies fluttering and the incredible fresh perfume smells of jasmine oozing through the windows. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

Spring is also the time when pests like cockroaches set out of their winter hibernation, on the lookout for food. They seek out warm, dark hiding spots which means your home is at risk of an infestation. Warmer weather encourages cockroaches to breed very fast, therefore, there may be even more in your home without you knowing it!

Without question, one of the best products available for cockroach control is Topbait™ Plus. Developed and manufactured in Australia by our very own onsite entomologist, this gel bait combines an attractive food source with a potent active ingredient. Cockroaches will often start to feed on the gel bait within minutes of an application and will then die within a few hours.

Cockroaches in harbourages will readily eat dead individuals or the faeces of individuals that have ingested Topbait™ Plus, ensuring it is widely transmitted throughout the colony, producing a domino effect.

Lab and field trials show that the active ingredient will be transferred from one cockroach to the next, this effectively extends the coverage of the Topbait™ Plus.

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